Star Lord's "MILANO"  Gaurdians of the Galaxy LED Lighting Kit..
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Star Lord's "MILANO" Gaurdians of the Galaxy LED Lighting Kit..

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No circuit board soldering! The animation is built into each LED!
No AC/DC power cords... All of our LED Fiber/Optic lighting kits...
Allow you to suspend your model IN SPACE!

 You can veiw this lighting kit in action on our homepage "LIVE VIDEO" At... WWW.GalacticModeler.COM    


LED Lighting kit Includes:

NEW NEW NEW!...All LED lighting kit orders come with a 2 HR (INTRUCTIONAL DVD)
This DVD covers BASIC painting tips-LED wiring installation-and LED placement-connecting all of your componants and the finishing the build of your ship!...

Two micro switches, One for main lighting One for weapons...

This Lighting kit ties right into the Kenner Milanos AA 3volt system PERFECT! 

Wiring/ 2 micro switches 1 for main lighting 1 for weapons! 
3 3mm LEDS Full cockpit lighting
2 3mm Lazer cannon LEDS
4 Pulsating engine LEDS
All the fiber/optics and light sources needed to make this lighting kit AWESOME!

This LED Lighting System... Will allow you to build a model UN-MATCHED buy others!