General Grievous's Starfighter LED Lighting Kit...
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General Grievous's Starfighter LED Lighting Kit...

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Our STAR WARS General Grievous's Starfighter LED lighting kit...
The Generals Starfighter is one cool design it looks like a SPACE CORVETTE!
STAR WARS did a great job creating his character because when...
Obi-Wan killed the "SON-OF-A-BITCH" I was so HAPPY!
It's a great model, and an easy build, one that you should have in your collection!


Lighting Kit Includes:

Pictured Instructions

Powerfull Lithium 3volt power source

Pre-Soldered micro switch

Pulsating engine LEDS

Full fiber/optic cockpit lighting static or flashing (Your Choice)

Blaster LEDS! 

This lighting kit will allow you to surpass other modelers builds!