Draconian Marauder LED Lighting Kit...
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Draconian Marauder LED Lighting Kit...

Price: $29.95
  • Item #: DRAC LED
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No circuit board soldering! The animation is built into each LED!
No AC/DC power cords... All of our LED Fiber/Optic lighting kits...
Allow you to suspend your model IN SPACE!


LED Lighting Kit Includeds:

Powerfull 3volt Lithium Power source

Battery case

Pre-Soldered Micro switch

Cockpit lighting

Lazer cannon LEDS  

Pulsating Engine LEDS

This LED Lighting Kit... Will allow you to build a model UN-MATCHED buy others!

This Lighting kit can be veiwed "LIVE" at WWW.GalacticModeler.COM  Look for the Buck Rogers Star Fighter Video... The Marauder lighting kit is also in that video...ENJOY!