Darth Vader's Tie Fighter LED Lighting Kit...
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Darth Vader's Tie Fighter LED Lighting Kit...

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Veiw this LED lighting kit in action at:


Just the right amount of lighting! VERY REALISTIC!

No circuit board soldering! The animation is built into each LED!
No AC/DC power cords... All of our LED Fiber/Optic lighting kits...
Allow you to suspend your model IN SPACE! 

LED Lighting kit Includes:

2 Hour Instructional DVD:...This DVD includes the complete builds of the Enterprise E... Star Wars Star Destroyer...And the B-9 Robot...Showing how to drill out windows...Run your wiring...Attach LEDS and FIBER/OPTICS... Also light blocking/ filling seams/ painting tips/ And much more! This DVD will give you the insight to build and light ANY MODEL! 

Two micro switches, One for main lighting One for weapons...

3volt lithium power source (battery included) battery case is pre-soldered to micro switch!

Wiring/ (full Cockpit Lighting) Four 3mm LEDS/ Two 5mm LEDS/ Two 3mm Blaster cannon LEDS/ Two Pulsating LEDS (1 for darth's chest plate life support, and 1 for pulsating engines) ...

Third Pulsating LED for R2-D2'S Flashing Eye sensor!
All the fiber/optics and light sources needed to make this lighting kit awesome!

This LED Lighting Kit... Will allow you to build a model UN-MATCHED buy others!