Battlestar Galactica Model Lighting Kit
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Battlestar Galactica Model Lighting Kit

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 These static LEDS and flashing LEDS are designed for 100,000 hours of use,  and you can run the lights for several 24 HOUR days on this 3 volt battery power supply... 



 2 Hour Instructional DVD:...This DVD includes the complete builds of the Enterprise E... Star Wars Star Destroyer...And the B-9 Robot...Showing how to drill out windows...Run your wiring...Attach LEDS and FIBER/OPTICS... Also light blocking/ filling seams/ painting tips/ And much more! This DVD will give you the insight to build and light ANY MODEL! 


Battery case is pre-soldered to the micro switch! / 2 AA batteries / wiring / on-off micro switch /wiring / 20 super bright white 5mm diffused LEDS (Windows)...........

 6 SUPER BRIGHT Pulsating Engine LEDS 

NEW FIBER/OPTIC LIGHTING SYSTEM...To allow you to put additional small lights though-out your ship Several feet included...

NEW Weapon DISPLAY!....Includes extra micro switch and two 3mm weapon LEDS! 

    These LEDS are built for 3 volts....... RESISTORS ARE NOT NEEDED!... We have sold several of these lighting kits, and our model builders LOVE THEM!