1/1000 SCALE  USS EXCELSIOR Or Enterprise-B lighting kit
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1/1000 SCALE USS EXCELSIOR Or Enterprise-B lighting kit

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"NEW" Installation DVD Included With All LED Lighting Kits! 2 Hour Instructional DVD:...This DVD includes the complete builds of the Enterprise E... Star Wars Star Destroyer...And the B-9 Robot...Showing how to drill out windows...Run your wiring...Attach LEDS and FIBER/OPTICS... Also light blocking/ filling seams/ painting tips/ And much more! This DVD will give you the insight to build and light ANY MODEL! 

LIGHTING KIT INCLUDES: Installation DVD ...2 PULSATING ENGINE NACELLE LIGHTS! Small Lithium Battery case Pre-Soldered (BATTERY INCLUDED) wiring / on-off micro switch / 10 bright white 3mm LED bulbs... "NEW" Slow flashing fiber-optic light source and cabel for (port-starboard) green flashing / red flashing and 2 white rear marker lights...All of those makers will strobe at the same time!..No soldering required... ENJOY YOUR LIGHTING KIT... Any questions (PLEASE ASK)