1/1000 ENTERPRISE REFIT model (lighting Kit)...
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1/1000 ENTERPRISE REFIT model (lighting Kit)...

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"NEW" Installation DVD Included With All LED Lighting Kits! 2 Hour Instructional DVD:...This DVD includes the complete builds of the Enterprise E... Star Wars Star Destroyer...And the B-9 Robot...Showing how to drill out windows...Run your wiring...Attach LEDS and FIBER/OPTICS... Also light blocking/ filling seams/ painting tips/ And much more! This DVD will give you the insight to build and light ANY MODEL! 

"NEW" All Federation Star Ships now have Port-Starboard and rear Navigational lights Strobe at the EXACT SAME TIMING! Also this has made those lights more SIZE CORRECT! Our older kits had LEDS for these areas and would not always flash in time NOW THAT IS CORRECTED! These areas now strobe off one Fiber/Optic light source! We are always striving to make our kits PERFECT! To veiw the strobe timing check out our latest USS Enterprise 1701-A REFIT Build...NOTE the marker light timing! VIDEO... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROpBWGLfnxs "NEW" 4 PULSATING FLOW TUBE LIGHTS! SUPER EASY LIGHTING KIT...For your 1/1000 USS ENTERPRISE 1701 REFIT inch model kit... 

LIGHTING KIT INCLUDES: Installation DVD ...4 PULSATING ENGINE NACELLE LIGHTS! 1 Small lithium Battery (BATTERY INCLUDED) And micro switch is pre-soldered to battery case! / wiring / 10 bright white 3mm LED bulbs... "NEW" Slow flashing fiber-optic light source and cabel for (port-starboard) green flashing / red flashing and 2 white rear marker lights...All of those makers will strobe at the same time! (1 blue flashing LED for the top of the shuttle bay)...No soldering required... ENJOY YOUR LIGHTING KIT... Any questions (PLEASE ASK)