USS Defiant lighting kit!... ONE TUFF LITTLE SHIP!
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USS Defiant lighting kit!... ONE TUFF LITTLE SHIP!

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2 Hour Instructional DVD:...This DVD includes the complete builds of the Enterprise E... Star Wars Star Destroyer...And the B-9 Robot...Showing how to drill out windows...Run your wiring...Attach LEDS and FIBER/OPTICS... Also light blocking/ filling seams/ painting tips/ And much more! This DVD will give you the insight to build and light ANY MODEL! 


This USS Defiant lighting kit has 7 Super bright 5mm diffused LED lights, for your front side and upper deck lights... And 2 bright pulsing 5mm LED lights for your rear engines, Fiber/optics and strobe light source for port and starboard lights...

Includes Battery Case/ SMALL AA POWER SOURCE / wiring/ PRE-SOLDERED micro on off switch.  EXTRA MICRO SWITCH AND 2 PHASER BANK LEDS! 

And includes LED Fiber/Optic light source and enough fiber/optic cable so you can install up to ten small lights thoughout your ship! NO SOLDERING RESISTORS... !